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Hartland, WI 53029


Quality once fired military reloading brass in popular calibers and grades.  In addition to once fired brass, we also carry low cost/high value AR-500 laser cut steel targets, and military vehicle parts and accessories.

300 AAC Blackout

Fully Processed 300 AAC Blackout


Fully Processed 300 AAC Blackout



That's only 16.5 cents per case when purchased at regular price!


Brass sold in multiples of 50
(ie: 1 Qty = 50 cases, 2 Qty = 100 cases, 3 Qty = 150 cases, 20 Qty = 1,000 cases)

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This is once fired military brass.  300 AAC Blackout Brass is converted from military 5.56 cases. Brass has been deprimed, resized, the primer pocket has been swaged, the cases are trimmed to within .003" +\- of 1.356". The trim length is set at 12 thousandths below SAAMI specifications maximum case length for the ultimate in reliability and multiple reloads prior to re trimming. They then get wet tumbled to a golden shine and polished in dry media with a protectant for a jewelry like shine and lasting protection against tarnishing. This brass is ready to load!

Free extra 3% brass on all orders!

*It may be necessary to further chamfer and debur case mouths when loading flat based bullets common with 300 AAC Blackout loads.  This is to aid in smoother bullet seating.

We group head stamps as much as possible on every order!



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